Milan, Palazzo Reale
4 October 2022 - 26 February 2023

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An engaging itinerary that retraces the artist’s adventurous creative journey

On the noble floor of the Royal Palace, visitors can immerse themselves in an exciting itinerary that traces the artist’s adventurous creative parable, marked by the great historical events of the twentieth century and studded with extraordinary loves, as well as illustrious friendships. The itinerary narrates the biographical events of Ernst grouping them into 4 great periods, in turn divided into 9 thematic rooms that disclose interdisciplinary approaches to his art.
A large, ideal library, that of the artist, made up of illustrated books, study manuals, photographs, objects and documents, winds through the entire course of the exhibition, inviting visitors to become active in games of references and correspondences between the sources of inspiration and the works themselves.